Invitation to the 2021 FIFNA Assembly and AWI Conference July 7-10


It is great relief and pleasure to be able to invite you to attend the 2021 FIFNA Assembly, being held in conjunction with the Anglican Way Institute Conference in Dallas, Texas July 7-10. This event had to be cancelled in 2020, and our abbreviated Assembly was held by phone-in only.

We will begin a new era in our ministry at our Assembly as we elect a new President and vote on significant changes to our Constitution and Ordinances to equip us for the ministry opportunities and challenges we face in a realigned Anglicanism in North America. The list of positions open and current slate of nominees, as well as the proposed changes to our organizational documents, will be posted online here. Our Assembly will open on Wednesday, July 7, at 1:00 pm. All our activities, as well as the Conference, will take place at the Church of the Holy Communion in Dallas.

The important Teaching we have always offered at our Assemblies will happen at the AWI Conference. Keynote Speaker Dr. Peter Kreeft will be giving 4 addresses on The Apologetics of CS Lewis. In my ministry, I have used more books by Dr. Kreeft in adult education than anyone except CS Lewis, so this will be a special blessing to me as well as all who will attend. In addition, Bishop Sutton will give an Opening Address on Lewis, and I will offer one on the Theology of Charles Williams, a friend of Lewis who was also influential in his life and thought. Bishop Sutton will also be the Speaker after our FIFNA Dinner the evening of the 7th.

To facilitate our attendance, we are offering scholarships to attendees of up to $500. These funds will be available upon request to reimburse travel expenses. Registration costs will be $35 for the Assembly and Dinner on Wednesday, plus the special rate of $75 for FIFNA members for the Conference. Further information is found on the AWI flyer.

To register for the Assembly and Conference, please contact Cathy Heissenhuber at or at (972) 896-6458.

Thank you for your support of FIFNA, and I hope that you will be able to attend this important event. If not, please keep it and those who will be attending in your prayers.

Faithfully, Fr. Lawrence Bausch
President, FIFNA