Communique November 2023

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November 20, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Forward in Faith North America,

We have just concluded our Strategic Planning Retreat for the FiFNA Council.

We gathered for worship, study, prayer, and planning. We are grateful for the hospitality of Bp. Ryan Reed of the Diocese of Fort Worth and Fr. Ron Drummond and the people of St. Stephen’s, Hurst for hosting our retreat.

In our time together, we welcomed a new council member, Dcn. Erin Giles, and our new administrator, Elena Velez. In addition, we reexamined our Vision and Mission with special attention on how FiFNA can be an educational, formational, and ecclesiological resource for the Anglican Church in North America, the Global Anglican Communion, and our partners in the continuum.

Finally, we prayed for and were cognizant of those who have been hurt over the years by the church, and false teachings and practices, and so we offer the following collect found in the Stations of the Cross service:

“Teach your Church, O Lord, to mourn the sins of which it is guilty, and to repent and forsake them; that, by your pardoning grace, the results of our iniquities may not be visited upon our children and our children’s children; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. “

In May, at our Assembly, we will put forward the following Vision and Mission for Forward in Faith North America for affirmation by our members.

The Vision of Forward in Faith North America 

To embody and teach the faith and order of the undivided Church, so that we all may be one. (John 17:11)

The Mission of Forward in Faith North America

Is to

• Promote lifelong discipleship in the sacramental tradition of the historic Church.

• Submit to the authority of Apostolic Teaching and Tradition as established by the ancient councils of the Church.

So as

• To cultivate the visible unity of the Church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Your energized and focused Council will broaden our regular communications through email, social media, and our website. We will reach out and continue to graciously, but relentlessly live into our vision of embodying and teaching the faith and order of the undivided Church, so that we may all be one.


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The Rt. Rev. Eric Vawter Menees

P. O. Box 210248
 Bedford, TX 76095-7248    Email:      telephone: 1-559-494-4972