Forward in Faith North America is now offering scholarships of $2,500 to male seminarians training for the priesthood. Applicants should complete the form below and mail it to the FIFNA office or email it to Fr. John Himes:

Forward in Faith North America Scholarship Application
To be submitted to: FiFNA, P.O. Box 210248, Bedford, TX 76095-7248

Full name: ________________________________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________________________

Email address: _____________________________________________
Phone numbers: ___________________________________________
Date of Birth: _______________Place of Birth: _______________
Marital Status: _____________________________________________
Name of wife, if married: __________________________________
Number and age(s) of children: ____________________________

Sponsoring Parish: _______________________________________
Sponsoring Diocese: _____________________________________
Sponsoring Bishop: ______________________________________
Name and address of seminary/theological institution: ___________

Are you a member of Forward in Faith? • Yes • No
Status: • Aspirant  Postulant  Candidate
 Other (Please explain) __________________________________
I am currently a:  Junior  Middler  Senior  Regularization of Orders
Expected date of graduation: __________
Do you support the ordination of women to the priesthood?  Yes  No
Please write a short essay on how you reached that theological position.

What other financial aid are you receiving? ___________________

The Swartz Trust was established, the income from which is to be used: “…specifically for the purpose of training male seminarians for the priesthood and furthering the education of priests in evangelism.” Scholarships are for $2,500.

Please note: Upon approval, your name will be presented to the Trust’s banking institution and a check will be mailed to your Seminary for the purpose of crediting your account. This generally occurs in late August.
Upon approval, it will be necessary to receive from you, the applicant, your Social Security Number, to satisfy the requirements of the banking institution.

Application Deadline – May 31,

Your signature: _____________________
Date: ___________________

Copyright 2017 Forward In Faith North America. All Rights Reserved.

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