I’m Bored!

Quintessential Quinciensis
by The Rt. Rev. Keith L. Ackerman, SSC

bored-churchBoredom has been elevated to a new justification for not doing something.  For example,  some people do not want to visit residents of Nursing Homes (except at holidays or when they belong to a singing group) because it’s boring.  Some children do not want to visit relatives because it’s boring.  They do not want to go to church, because it’s boring.  It is not as if boredom has never existed, it is just that far too many parents allow this protest from their children to determine the outcome.  Frankly, staring at a screen for hours for many of us is boring. Adults can find attending children’s events to be boring.  Adults having to go see yet another movie that has no real effect on life can be boring.  But adults do many boring things out of love.  Parents need to understand that they do not need to win their children’s approval to be a good parent, nor should they be held captive by children’s uninformed opinions.  I find sitting in a waiting room at the Doctor’s office to be boring…..but I know why I am there.  Boredom is simply a part of life, but it is not a decision making event.  In the end, many people who are bored can be quite boring to others – it’s just that the others have learned how to operate out of love and respect.  I wonder if God finds us to be boring? Sometimes love, respect, and being present to others simply needs to be taught.

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