Congress Kudos to Bp. Ackerman

By Bishop Mel Pickering
The Anglican Convocation of the Good Shepherd (Anglican Church International Communion)

At this time when the people seek peace, in a world rampant with war,
When the hard struggles to survive crush the soul’s search for meaning,
When Christians abroad cannot find their homes on earth, and despair of finding them in heaven,
When nothing is the way it was promised to be, and authorities ignore the very depths of confusion
In the masses they are supposed to protect,
The simple Gospel must be upheld as our watchword, as the only means of answering both their need,
And our calling.
Congratulations on meeting this challenge…this worldwide challenge…to be the Lord’s Voice in the
Wilderness. Your’s may be the only Voice many get an opportunity to hear, the one ray of hope
Many may glimpse in the distance. With your special requirement to arm yourselves with the Truth, and the special privilege of portraying His love and sacrifice toward mankind, you are
Blessed to continue the advance into the unknown darkness, using the only Light of Life mankind requires: the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. God bless you abundantly in
Your present and in your future dealings with the warfare for the soul, knowing you are undergirded with much prayer and assurance of His leadership.

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