Christ the King Anglican Church

St. Luke’s Chapel in the Hills

Church of the Blessed Trinity

St. Francis of Assisi Anglican

Diocese of San Joaquin

Holy Trinity Parish of Ocean Beach


MDAS/ACNA Fr. Chris Linebarger Christ the King is part of the Anglican Convocation of the West within the The Missionary Diocese of All Saints (ACNA). Located in Grover Beach, just five minutes from the ocean, we are a small, Anglo-Catholic …


REC/ACNA The Rev. Chris Parrish

REC: Mid-America Fr. Keith Acker The Family of God Worshipping Together!

ACNA- Diocese of San Joaquin Fr. Joshua Drake, Rector Saint Francis of Assisi Anglican Church is a vibrant, growing parish located in the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, located in the heart of Stockton. Our roots in Stockton date back …


ACNA The Rt. Rev. Dr. Eric V. Menees

ACNA: Western Anglicans The Rev. Lawrence Bausch, SSC Our Mission: Holy Trinity Parish is a Christian Family proclaiming in word and deed the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, as found in the orthodox Anglican tradition, and celebrating His Presence in …


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