Banquet Speaker

Alice C. Linsley

Alice C. Linsley

We are happy to announce that the Congress Thursday night Banquet speaker will be Alice C. Linsley.  

Her talk is entitled “The Echo Within Us” which is taken from Cyril of Jerusalem:

“See, I pray you, how great a dignity Jesus bestows on you. You were called a Catechumen, while the word echoed round you from without; hearing of hope, and knowing it not; hearing mysteries, and not understanding them; hearing Scriptures, and not knowing their depth. The echo is no longer around you, but within you; for the indwelling Spirit (Romans 8:9, 11) henceforth makes your mind a house of God. When you have heard what is written concerning the mysteries, then you will understand things which you knew not.” (From the Catechetical Lectures)

She is an entertaining speaker and an Old Testament scholar.  She has been pioneering the field of Biblical Anthropology for over 30 years. She lives in Kentucky and currently teaches Philosophy and Ethics.

She blogs at Just Genesis.

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