FIFNA delegation at ACNA Assembly

Adjunct Council Member, Bp. Paul Hewett, with Fr. Terry Moore at ACNA meeting

FIFNA Council Adjunct Bp. Michael Nazir-Ali speaking at ACNA Assembly

Booth at the ACNA Assembly

FIFNA is at the ACNA Provincial Assembly

Enthronement of The Most Rev’d Ray Sutton

Society Bishops hold a Seminar in Rome

Response to ACNA Holy Orders Task Force Report

You Can Never Lose a Friend – especially one Whose Middle Name is “Joy”


Our President, Fr. Larry Bausch, joins Michael Howell and Louisa Brooks at the ACNA Assembly.

Fr. Michael Brooks is at the helm of our booth at the ACNA Assembly.  Stop by and tell him “hello” and pick up a magazine, tract, or buy a pin.

Our delegates are:  Fr. Michael Brooks (alt), Louisa Brooks, and Michael Howell.  Tomorrow Fr. Larry Bausch will take his spot as Fr. Brooks mans our booth.

June 15, 2017 Today in Dallas, FIFNA Council member, Ray Sutton, was enthroned as Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese and Presiding Bishop of the REC.  Archbishop Foley Beach installed and preached.  Among the huge crowd witnessing this event at the …


A group of representatives of The Society, led by the Bishops of Ebbsfleet, Fulham and Richborough, have held a seminar in Rome. Its purpose was to present and explain to an invited audience both the official provisions put in place …


From the President of Forward in Faith North America 23 May 2017 It is with much gratitude that we welcome the publication of the Final Report of the ACNA Holy Orders Task Force.  This completes a five-year project which was …


By Bp. Keith Ackerman Today we lost one of our dearest friends.  Well, we didn’t really lose her since she simply has preceded us in the journey.  But that was Lynn – always ahead of us – ready for the …


By Bp. Keith L. Ackerman Beloved in Christ, It’s another day. I awakened early to pray with my first Secretary in the Diocese of Quincy – a beautiful woman named “Lynn Joy” who is dying of brain cancer. She is …


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