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The Easter issue of Forward in Christ has gone to press, featuring articles on the Resurrection by Bishop Mott, Marianne Dorman and Bishop Ackerman, as well as news commentary by columnist Bill Murchison and Shane Schaetzel, author of Catholicism for Protestants (Regnum Dei Press). …


“Why is it ok to pray to saints,” the question began. The writer was intrigued by the Catholic and Orthodox practice, but had been told by others that, “It is wrong to pray to anyone but God.” There followed a …


Someone wrote and asked about the “order of worship” and a Quaker fellow suggested that no order was the best order. I politely disagreed. And wrote… First, order is important. It has been important since the get-go of recorded biblical …


Someone wrote a question about whether faith alone was enough for salvation, or whether works were necessary too. Now, that’s an age old question over which whole denominations have become two whole denominations. Talking about it at all is like …


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