Illinois Fourth District Appellate Court Decision Announced

Bishop of Fort Worth responds to the Canterbury primates communique

Primates Communique 14 January 2016

Court denies TEC claims to Diocesan property

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16 May, AD 2016 To All the Faithful in the Diocese of Quincy, The Illinois Fourth District Appellate Court has ruled in our favor in our ongoing defense against legal challenges brought against us by the Episcopal Church. In their …


Primates Suspend Episcopal Church from Full Participation in the Anglican Communion When I read this headline on the results of last week’s meeting of the Anglican Primates in Canterbury, my first thought was, “Well, what took them so long?” For …


Today the Primates agreed how they would walk together in the grace and love of Christ. This agreement acknowledges the significant distance that remains but confirms their unanimous commitment to walk together. The Primates regret that it appears that this …


The 141st District Court has ruled in favor of the Diocese and Corporation in our nearly six-year-old lawsuit, instigated by The Episcopal Church. Pictured with Bishop Iker is attorney Shelby Sharpe. Statement by The Diocese of Fort Worth March 3, 2015 …


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