The Rt. Rev. Richard W. Lipka (ACNA)

The Rt. Rev. Richard W. Lipka (ACNA)

Episcopal Member

Bishop at Missionary Diocese of All Saints

Bp. Lipka was ordained a priest in 1966 in Rome, Italy. He has served as senior pastor of churches in the Roman Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church. He has been active in the renewal movement in liturgical churches since 1978. He was consecrated Bishop of the Diocese of the Hawaiian Islands and the American Protectorates in the Pacific in 1995 for the Charismatic Episcopal Church. In 2004 he moved to Maryland to serve as the Diocesan Bishop for the Delmarva Peninsula. Within ACNA, he is part of the College of Bishops and serves on the Ecumenical Task Force, within which he is a member of the OCA Dialogue, and chair of the PNCC Dialogue. He is a licensed clinical social worker and a diplomate of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. He is married and the father of four. Bp. Lipka lives in Salisbury, MD and his current term ends in 2015.

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