Clergy Search Underway for Florida FIFNA Parish

St. Nicholas Anglican Church in Kissimmee, Florida is in the search process for a new Rector.  Their current one is retiring.  Here’s their Parish Profile:


St. Nicholas Church began in Poinciana, Florida, February of 2007 as an Episcopal mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, and by the end of the year were received into the Diocese of Argentina. With much of the original congregation still active, we are presently located in Kissimmee, Florida (near Orlando) and are in our fifth year leasing 3,000 sf of commercial space that serves as our sanctuary and parish hall. In 2013 we purchased a 5 acre Kissimmee property, containing a barn and apartment, to construct a new church and parish hall. The barn and apartment will remain. We have completed county site plan approval and are presently raising funds to begin construction.

Our budget includes a full time priest with housing allowance, building lease, property mortgage and upkeep, outreach projects, and a full tithe to the Missionary Diocese of All Saints.

St. Nicholas Church is an orthodox Anglican parish, member of the Anglican Church in North America, Missionary Diocese of All Saints, and active member of Forward In Faith North America. We worship from the 1979 prayer book, 1982 hymnal, and Lift Every Voice and Sing hymnal. Some other parish organizations we maintain are a chapter of the Daughters of the Holy  Cross and Brotherhood of St. Andrews.

We are presently searching to replace our priest, who is retiring, with an orthodox Anglican priest who presently is or will become a member of Forward in Faith.

If you feel a calling to become our priest, please contact us through the contact information listed below.

Thank you and God Bless!
Charles Secord
Cell: (863) 325 5424

John Olson
Cell: (863) 287 1674


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