Anglo-Catholics as Evangelistic Church Planters

Anglican Church Planting task force announces its members

Anglican Way Institute presents “The Christian’s Responsibility in the Public Square”

A Catholic Life in the Church of England: A Statement of Policy and Pastoral Guidance

A report to the Anglican Association on the International Congress of Catholic Anglicans

Sample of Congress Reflections

Congress Kudos to Bp. Ackerman

Church Times: Traditionalist Congress Held in US

Press Release and Statement from the International Catholic Congress of Anglicans

Statement from Forward in Faith North America Regarding the Redefinition of Marriage by the US Supreme Court


By Canon Lawrence D. Bausch Special to VIRTUEONLINE November 5, 2015 Anglo-Catholics are grateful for the significant role we have played in Anglican history, especially in reminding Anglicans that our church is an organic portion of the one, holy, …


This task force is a ministry of Forward in Faith North America to support Anglo-Catholic church planting After being appointed in July by Fr. Lawrence Bausch (president of Forward in Faith North America) to lead FIFNA’s church planting efforts, Fr. Chris …


Registration is open for the Anglican Way Institute Summer Conference 2016 for young adults July 6-10, 2016.  The theme is  The Church and the State  “The Christian’s Responsibility in the Public Square” featuring world renown keynote speaker Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. Don’t …


The Council of Bishops of The Society today calls on catholic Anglicans to increase their participation in the life of their diocese and the wider Church of England. They comment, “Such participation… will be an expression of the love (charity) …


By Fr. Stephen Keeble ANGLICAN MAINSTREAM Sept. 15, 2015 The first ICCA took place in the Fort Worth Hilton, Texas, from 13th to 17th July, 2015 and was attended by some 350 clergy and laity from around the world, although …


I remember Bishop Ackerman saying once that we Anglo-Catholics needed to talk more about what we are for, not what we are against.  The Congress did just that!  I thought the Congress was a shining example of the fullness of …


By Bishop Mel Pickering The Anglican Convocation of the Good Shepherd (Anglican Church International Communion) At this time when the people seek peace, in a world rampant with war, When the hard struggles to survive crush the soul’s search for …


Published July 24, 2015 in the Church Times (UK) TWO retired C of E bishops attended an inaugural traditionalist congress in the United States last week. Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, a former Bishop of Rochester, and Dr John Hind, the former …


Catholic Anglican Revival in Fort Worth At the International Congress of Catholic Anglicans Fort Worth, July 13-17, 2015 Three hundred and fifty clergy and laity from around the world met at the Hilton in Fort Worth, Texas, on July 13-17, …


Forward in Faith North America (FiFNA), is deeply grieved by the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court to redefine marriage. We affirm that marriage is an institution created by God, consisting of the union of one man and …


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