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Alice C. Linsley

Alice C. Linsley

Alice C. Linsley left ECUSA on November 2, 2003, the Sunday of Gene Robinson’s consecration. After lengthy study of the question of women’s ordination she voluntarily renounced holy orders on February 2, 2006. Besides the lack of precedent for this dangerous innovation in Scripture, Church tradition and history, she can attest that there is no evidence in anthropological studies of women in the priesthood.

Alice has been pioneering a new branch of anthropology – “Biblical Anthropology” – for over 30 years. She applies the investigative tools of anthropology to the Bible to uncover the antecedents of the religious beliefs and practices of Abraham and his ancestors. She is a member of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) and one of the founding members of Christian Women in Science (CWIS). Much of her research is available to read at two blogs: Just Genesis and Biblical Anthropology. She is a frequent contributor to VirtueOnline.

Alice will speak on the topic: “Creation and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.”



Bp. FitzSimons Allison

Bishop FitzSimons “Fitz” Allison was born in Columbia, SC March 5, 1927. He became First Sgt, U. S. Army serving in Italy: 1945-46. Then in 1949 he received his B. A. from University of the South in Sewanee, TN. He received his M. Div. Virginia Theological Seminary in 1952 followed by his D. Phil. from Oxford University (Christ Church) in 1956. He served as the Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina from 1980-90. He’s written several books – Trust in an Age of Arrogance, Wipf and Stock; Fear, Love and Worship, Regent College Publishing Co. (first published by Seabury); Guilt, Anger and God, Regent College Publishing Co. (first published by Seabury); The Rise of Moralism (first published by SPCK); The Cruelty of Heresy: An Affirmation of Christian Orthodoxy, Morehouse. He is also the co-founder of the annual “Mere Anglicanism” conferences.

Bp. Allison will speak on “The Incarnation: Threat to and Therapy for Sin”



Fr. Arnold Klukas

The Rev. Canon Arnold Klukas
Professor of Liturgics and Ascetical Theology (retired)

University of Pittsburgh, Ph. D., Art and Architectural History (1978)
Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, Occasional Student (1975-1978)
Divinity School of Yale University, Master of Divinity (1972)
Faculty of Theology, Oxford University, Diploma in Theology (1971)
Wittenberg University, B.A., History (1969)

Worship traditions and ascetical practices have been a passion with Fr. Klukas as early as he can remember. His mother was raised a devout Roman Catholic, while his father came from a staunchly German Lutheran family. Into that mix also came the local Episcopal priest who befriended the inquisitive teenager, and a host of High School explorations into what his New England environment afforded him. Nearly equal to his religious passion was his fascination with architectural history and religious art. All of these interests were encouraged while he was an undergraduate at Wittenberg University, and his senior year caused a crisis of vocation–the ministry or architecture?

He chose to attend Divinity School, and much to his dismay, found it a place where neither worship nor the practice of spiritual disciplines were considered of any importance. The Yale of the early 1970’s was firmly under the sway of William Sloane Coffin and the liberal social gospel. A fellowship to study theology at Oxford University provided an ‘escape’ from the trendy liberal Protestant scene into the quiet cloisters of Anglican tradition and English stuffiness. There he found his true home, and his first spiritual director, at Pusey House [Oxford’s Anglo-Catholic student chaplaincy]. He returned to the USA as a staunch Anglo-Catholic and a repentant student of divinity; soon his sold his trendy theology books for a set of Aquinas in Latin and decided to pursue a Ph.D in English Medieval Art and Architecture. If the social gospel was what the ministry was about, he wanted none of it.

By God’s gracious providence, he was offered a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship to do his research in Great Britain, and his parish priest in Pittsburgh found him a curacy at All Saints’ Church, Margaret Street in London. At All Saints’ he found his dual vocation of priesthood and teaching.. Working with the adjacent convent and an innovative program of Christian discipleship for young adults within the parish, he found exactly what his seminary training had lacked–the beauty of holiness, the importance of the ascetical life, and worship as our self-oblation to a transcendent, yet loving God.

After Fr. Klukas returned to the USA in 1978 he taught Art history at Oberlin and Smith Colleges, but sorely missed his priestly life in London. His wife’s expertise as a Ph.D. in Bio-Chemistry led her to a job offer in Pittsburgh, where Fr. Klukas had been ordained. He then began fifteen years of parish ministry, where by God’s grace he was able to revitalize a dying inner-city parish into a dynamic center for Anglo-Catholic worship and spirituality. When he left Grace Church to come to Nashotah in 2002 he left behind a flourishing arts ministry, a multifaceted social outreach to the neighborhood, and the founding of a mission church that soon outgrew its “mother” in size.

In 2001 Fr. Klukas became Professor of Liturgics and Ascetical Theology at Nashotah House; a job “made in Heaven” for him. Everything he is passionate about was a part of his job description. Best of all, his dual vocations as a scholar/teacher and as a priest/mentor were combined into one job in one location–and such a holy and beautiful location! This side of heaven there could not be any place or any position that could possibly please him more! He retired from Nashotah in 2013 and now lives with his wife and his books in an 18th century farmhouse in Massachusetts. He continues to be actively engaged in the life of the Anglican Church in North America, where he is a member of the Task Force on Liturgy and leads retreats and workshops across the United States.

Fr. Klukas will teach on “The Incarnation in Liturgy and Life”

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