Spiritual Warfare

FIFNA is at the Winter Conference

Queen’s chaplain resigns over cathedral Koran reading row saying he has a ‘duty’ to defend Christianity 


Monthly Archives: January 2017

Bp. Ackerman discusses schizophrenic behavior vs. spiritual warfare.  He states that the confessional would help most people as opposed to the Freudian couch.  Listen and learn. Spiritual Warfare on Quad Cities Radio  

We have a booth at the Anglican Mission Winter Conference in Dallas.  Their theme is “Behold What Comes”.

By Camilla Turner, Education Editor of The Telegraph   A chaplain to the Queen has resigned after publicly criticising a church that allowed a Koran reading during its service as part of an interfaith project. The Rev Gavin Ashenden, who …


By The Rt. Rev. Keith L Ackerman Tonight I cannot sleep because I look at my wife of nearly 50 years lying next to me in bed, and for once in our nearly 50 years of marriage – 54 years …


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